Thank you for allowing me to inspect this property for you.  It is my intention to provide you with a quality report that will help in making your decision about the purchase of this residence.

The inspector is subject to the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics set forth by the Sate of Alabama Building Commission which can be located at  Also, there is a tab on this website that states the standards of practice used by home inspectors in the state of Alabama.  This sets forth the minimum requirements for an inspection and also sets forth the items the inspectors are not required to inspect.

An inspection is like a picture; it takes place at a certain moment in time.  Conditions are likely to change and therefore, it is possible that the conditions of the house change with it.  This is not a code compliance inspection and does not suggest insurability or warrantability of the residence.  This is not an exhaustive inspection.  It is limited to the items that can be readily seen and inspected.  If a customer wants an inspection that is exhaustive, please let me know and arrangements can be made but please note the cost of such an inspection is can be more than 20 times greater than the standard inspection.

There are many exclusions in a home inspection report, some of which are listed below. These examples give you,  the customer, an idea of what to expect and not expect in the report.  An inspector is not required to:

  1. Prioritize the deficiencies noted in a report
  2. Give estimates for repairs nor provide names of businesses that can offer the repairs
  3. Provide follow up inspections after repairs have been made.  Please note: Sometimes a technician may find other issues when making repairs to deficiencies noted by the inspector.
  4. Move furniture
  5. Make repairs to deficient items
  6. Turn on any items currently turned off such as the main water valve, or the main power breaker