What is duct blasting and why is it important?

A typical home in Alabama will have what is often referred to as a forced air system to provide for heating and cooling.  These are often electric powered systems, thus in the extreme of summer and winter, you will likely have higher power bills.  Duct blasting helps to determine the efficiency of your heating and cooling system ductwork.

A typical forced air system can loose 15 to 30% of its nominal capacity through duct losses. Duct systems leak at fittings, joints, register boots, and other connections. When these leaks are outside the conditioned space, huge amounts of energy are lost. A typical duct test requires sealing of the register openings and pressure testing the duct system to a defined pressure (typically 25 Pascals) through a calibrated fan where leakage can be measured. Sealing leaks can as simple as coating joints with mastic to stop air leaks.

If your ductwork is exposed and you can get to it, this test will help determine how much hot or cold air is leaking.   If there is a significant amount of leakage, you may want to invest in having these leaky areas sealed up and save yourself some money.

The typical cost of this test is $300.00.